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Turkish tv shows are getting better and better. We have prepared the Best Turkish Tv series of according to television ratings and social media ratings. As the new television season — has started in October, the new series will be considered in best Turkish Series of list. In order to get everything back, she even hired a private detective.

Best TV Shows of 2017

Later on first season the series have included romantic comedy factors too. In order to get back in life, his friends force him to take the job as the high school basketball coach. Can tries everything to seduce Duru. Seda Akman Belgin. Seasons and Status: 1 Season — Ended. This City Will Follow You.

These Are the Greatest 30 Teen Dramas Ever

Kerem Bursin played a ship worker named Ali Smith who has interest in martial arts and boxing and street fighting, so he takes boxing lessons and fitness training. It also has a great thriller factor with a psycho figure.

The story of Lale of Onur begins with a misdate. His grandfather was passed away and his will is to leave his fortune to his grandson who gets married and have a baby first. Indeed, Onur replies and thinks that she was the girl that he was waiting for. After some talk and drinking alcohol, they had lost their control and after some dance… The date turned into a one night stand. Three months later Lale figured that she was pregnant. She was shocked, and she started to search Onur, but he wasn!

So where is he? Suddenly Lale sees Onur on television and understands that Onur Sarihan is a young businessman. She quickly meets with Onur but no luck, Onur believes that she was a wealth hunter, and it was a set-up. Then Onur realizes the truth and apologizes from Lale. Then their relationship starts. The series based on a real love story between a young man who has rural origins and raised in a strong tradition and a young artist who feels freedom in her heart and used to live in a modern lifestyle.

The story based on Turkish Independence War timeline. The series has a very high budget and aims to reach the popularity of Magnificent Century. Action, history, politics and love…. The subject of this series is very interesting and has a sophisticated complexity. EDHO was and is top 5 in the week. Kara Sevda was the second of the Wednesdays after Dirilis Ertugrul.

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top drama tv shows 2017

Password recovery.That may be what makes it the correct number. I could go on, but I have limited room. The good news is — as this list and its omissions prove — TV does not. It began as a raunchy sendup of true-crime documentaries, developed into an astute comedy of teen social-media mores and ended up a surprisingly moving study of how pigeonholing kids can set them onto a life path before they have the chance to learn who they really are.

That Louis C. The show is devastating without being sentimental, and Ms.

13 BEST TV Shows of 2017

But this one tracked me down and stalked me. A drama about the s sex business, on a channel with a penchant for salacious sex, could have gone wrong in many ways. It went right, very right, because David Simon and his collaborators including female writers and directors treated sex work as work: an economic system with dangers, calculations and financial and physical pressures.

All while working in a brilliant satire of Netflix, on Netflix. It may or may not have answered its central question — what happened to millions of people who vanished from the earth — but it was a powerful expression of the ways people soldier on through the unknown. This reimagining of the s comedy revived a staid genre — the socially conscious, three-camera family sitcom — by updating the characters and their problems. But mainly it was a direct download from the subconscious of Mr.

Lynch, who directed every episode: part horror story, part slapstick, all twisted fantasy. It was a well, to paraphrase the mysterious Woodsmanthat descended deep and retrieved strange, intoxicating water. Historically, America has supplied the rest of the world with television shows. But that longstanding trade imbalance is being redressed. And how. With specialty sites like Acorn TV, BritBox, MHz Choice and Walter Presents joining the major streamers, the deluge of foreign series on our screens matches and maybe even exceeds the flood of domestic shows impossible to keep up with in the first place.

So this year-end list is more a collection of the best international TV I was able to fit into my schedule than it is a top A crack counterterrorist team, outfitted in T-shirts and sandals and driving a beat-up van, chases a Hamas member around a hilly Arab-Israeli town, and while the outcome is predictable, the story ventures into the lives and minds of characters on all sides of the conflict.

The plot takes some typically wild turns but Ms. Newton is believable in the most unlikely circumstances.A comprehensive history of the United States' involvement in the bitterly divisive armed conflict in Southeast Asia. Votes: 16, Grew up with specter of this war and am now reaching an old age. Must confess that, until this documentary, I never understood the war, its origins and actual progress. A phenomenally good job making this documentary and hope everyone watches it.

Nine noble families fight for control over the lands of Westeros, while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for millennia. Votes: 1, A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself "Wednesday" and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow's life and past.

Votes: 68, Vikings transports us to the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer who yearns to explore - and raid - the distant shores across the ocean. Votes:TV 60 min Action, Adventure, Drama. Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.

Votes: 79, TV-G min Documentary. David Attenborough returns to the world's oceans in this sequel to the acclaimed documentary filming rare and unusual creatures of the deep, as well as documenting the problems our oceans face.

The 10 best TV shows of 2017

Votes: 28, A police detective in the asteroid belt, the first officer of an interplanetary ice freighter, and an earth-bound United Nations executive slowly discover a vast conspiracy that threatens the Earth's rebellious colony on the asteroid belt. Votes: 90, David Haller is a troubled young man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but after a strange encounter, he discovers special powers that will change his life forever. Votes: 78, An anthology series exploring a twisted, high-tech multiverse where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle becomes the vigilante known as "The Punisher," with only one goal in mind: to avenge them. Perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Fortitude is one of the safest towns on earth. There has never been a violent crime here. Until now. Votes: 18, TV 60 min Adventure, Drama, Fantasy. Votes: 11, TV-PG 60 min Documentary.

Stars: Jay O. Votes: 2, TV-MA min Drama. Votes: 34,From midcentury crises to dystopian futures, the afterlife to the Red Keep, the sitcom soundstage to the near end of the world, our ranking may not be yours, but it is an annual reminder that we are, truly, in a remarkable age for television, golden, platinum, or otherwise. Search Party carries its charm into Season Two through a scintillating evolution from mystery to horror.

Have you written something un-adaptable? Something nobody in their right mind would ever tackle? Its structure is an easy-going road trip, but its stylistic offerings are milk and honey.

In its second season, which arrives on Netflix Dec. Part of my affection stems from the fact that the show was such a discovery. It arrived in January with almost no hype. I write about TV for a living and I barely knew it was premiering. Almost immediately, I dismissed the show as yet another ill-advised remake. How wrong I was. The comedy is a pure delight. A throwback to the defining comedies of the s with a modern twistthe series deftly tackles some hot-button issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, wage inequality and teenage sexuality, amid real conversations about generational differences and Cuban heritage and traditions.

Justina Machado Six Feet Under is fantastic as the recently separated veteran raising her two adolescent children with the help of her mother Lydia living legend Rita Moreno and her landlord Schneider Todd Grinnell. But above all, the show is funny and grounded. Season Three of their painfully funny comedy Catastrophe confirms this fact once again: The fusion of these two charmingly warped minds makes for a viewing experience that likens life in all its unpredictability.

The shitty day-to-day aspects of marriage and life in general are voiced by characters Rob DelaneySharon HorganFran Ashley Jensen and Chris Mark Bonnar through a hail of blunt comic relief that will have you swinging in and out of your seat on the volatile rollercoaster ride that is Catastrophe.

We care deeply about the stories and the characters, and there is a lot of forgiveness built into this machine. The show needed it in Season Seven—at times, the writing and plotting were abysmal. But the direction, the acting, and the intangibles were all strong enough to sustain interest, and a solid, back-to-the-roots finale salvaged the wreckage of the lesser moments. Despite a false step or two, this is still appointment viewing, and nothing generates nearly the volume of conversation.

Let us hope that we will not have another Vietnam experience, and that we have learned our lesson. Ours is not a country that has been kind to its black citizens. So how do you make a comedy about this when you have a show that, by its very title, suggests that its characters are worried about losing their roots?

top drama tv shows 2017

Expect even more socially conscious comedic commentary when spin-off Grown-ish premieres on Freeform next year. In short, BoJack Horseman is the defining series of our timeand also a handbook for surviving it. Or at least, righteously funny news.

top drama tv shows 2017

It has a Latin Lover narrator the glorious Anthony Mendez! It features highly stylized and costumed daydreams! It uses metatextual elements to tackle social justice issues AND celebrity shenanigans! By the time Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Like The Wirehis fifth project for the premium cable channel lives at the margins of society, those scraping by to survive or taking advantage of the only opportunities they see. A show about sex workers on HBO could easily feel exploitative, but Simon and co-creator George Pelecanos seem more interested in the stories of their characters than titillating their audience.

In The Deucethe grimy heart of New York is nonetheless full of humanity. After its Season Two finale, which left lead Rebecca Bunch Rachel Bloom jilted at the altar, it would have been easy to assume this musical comedy would become a singing and dancing revenge fantasy.

Instead, the third season of the CW series, which Bloom co-created with Aline Brosh McKenna, has gone on to tackle something much more important than boy problems: mental health. It was recently revealed that Rebecca has borderline personality disorder, and a healthy support group of friends who will help her cope with her new diagnosis.

The show still has time for songs about poop jokes and nostalgia for the first penis a woman ever saw.Michael Schneider. If there was a recurring theme during the recent broadcast network upfronts, it was this: Ratings must die. Of course, complaining about Nielsen and traditional ratings is nothing new. And these days, virtually every outlet has embraced its own version of multi-platform program measurement — including TV, DVR, VOD and streaming viewership.

Levy pointed to audience targeting and other methods as better ways of selling their wares. Nonetheless, getting everyone on the same page remains difficult.

Popular on IndieWire. Ratings are also still the best way to compare the linear performance of shows both on broadcast and cable. But who knew there was such a hunger to see more of Snooki, J-Woww and the Situation? There are a lot of new situations that propel us into a very different tone. You look across the board at ratings, every show is dropping from where it used to be. We still have no idea how the Netflix shows are doing.

Here are the top series rankers according to adults and total viewers, featuring seven days of time-shifted viewing. Most recent data is through May 14; these ratings will be updated as new numbers come in.

Shark Tank 9 p. Shark Tank 10 p. The Blacklist NBC. Good Girls NBC. Dateline Friday NBC. Blindspot NBC. Sign up for our TV email newsletter here. Back to IndieWire. Michael Schneider May 25, pm franklinavenue. The Goldbergs ABC. The Gifted NBC. Talking Dead AMC.All the good stuff. Based on the Archie comics, a group of high school students are faced with the news of the death of one of their classmates, and they are dedicated to trying to find out how he died. Teenage years are arguably the toughest times in life.

And Euphoria takes a deep dive into the subject following Rue, a year-old drug addict fresh out of rehab, and the people in her life who also are battling addictions and insecurities similar to hers.

They have to work together to figure out what happened while making sure they survive. Can you imagine your mom being a sex therapist?

top drama tv shows 2017

This new transformation gets him and his best friend into some drama, obviously. And you find out who she falls in love with. Mental health is such an important topic, and this series discusses it in a very real way. It follows a teenage girl who committed suicide but left 13 recordings behind that state exactly why she took her own life. The story is told not just through her lens but also through her crush, Clay, who she left behind her recordings to.

There are 11 seasons following a family dealing with drama within the household, romance struggles, and relationships. The show also dealt with extremely regular and relatable stuff: Friendship, love, and the agony of being weird and wonderful in high school. This show gave a sexy and refreshing look at the fabulous and dramatic lives of the rich kids of the Upper East Side, led by Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf plus some leftovers sprinkled in Brooklyn— SorryNotSorry, Dan Humphrey.

The Chrismukkah episodes were also a real treat. The show is sadly coming to an end inwhich means opportunities for said blackmail and deaths are quite limited. Save for a random season 2 storyline sorry, Landry and Tyra, but the murder was just weirdFriday Night Lights was the source of the good stuff.

Has there ever been a TV character more sensitive and raw than Matt Saracen? A coach hotter than Eric Taylor? Buffy Summers embodied everything any year-old heroine should be: fearless, curious, and strong-willed. Elena, Damon, and brother dearest Stefan were part of one of the greatest and oldest, because vampires love triangles to ever hit the small screen, and you should all be so grateful for it. We now live in a world where there are no more new episodes of The Vampire Diariessince the show wrapped for good after eight delicious seasons on The CW in March Over 10 seasons, the show dealt with serious plotlines involving drug abuse, alcoholism, date rape, domestic violence, racism, suicide, pregnancy, and AIDS.The Tomatometer rating — based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics — is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.

It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Critic Consensus: An intimate portrait of addiction and love, Feel Good is at once sweetly charming, uncomfortably complicated, and completely worth falling for. Critic Consensus: Witty, warm, and with just the right blend of wisdom and wisecracks, Schitt's Creek 's final season is the perfect farewell to the Roses and the town that changed their lives.

Critic Consensus: Grounded by Bob Odenkirk's endlessly nuanced, lived-in performance, Better Call Saul 's fifth season is a darkly funny, vividly realized master class in tragedy. Critic Consensus: Ozark finally finds its footing in a third season that ramps up the tension and shines a brighter spotlight on Laura Linney's exceptional performance. Critic Consensus: Mrs. America captures the complicated life and times of Phyllis Schlafly with poise and style to spare, brought to vivid life by a superb ensemble led by another masterful performance from Cate Blanchett.

Critic Consensus: Unorthodox adapts its source material with extreme care, crafting a series that is at once intimate and urgent, all centered around Shira Haas' captivating performance.

Critic Consensus: If at times a bit blunt, Gentefied 's gente-centric approach to the realities of gentrification is as strikingly personal as it is hilariously relatable. Critic Consensus: A bizarre true crime story you have to see to believe, Tiger King is a messy and captivating portrait of obsession gone terribly wrong. Critic Consensus: While it relies too heavily on the workplace comedy formula, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet is nonetheless hilarious and stands out for exploring the gaming industry with intelligence, thoughtfulness, and sincerity.

Critic Consensus: Like something out of a movie, McMillions effectively -- if not always artfully -- captures the chaos of this once-in-a-lifetime, very real con and the colorful cast of characters at its center. Critic Consensus: A cautionary tale that hits close to home, The Plot Against America 's handsomely realized revisionist history is disturbingly relevant, making it difficult, but essential viewing. Critic Consensus: If Killing Eve 's third season doesn't cut quite as deep, it's still a fiendishly delightful showcase for Jodi Comer and Sandra Oh's killer chemistry.

Critic Consensus: As awkward and charming as adolescence, but with twice the supernatural twists, I Am Not Okay With This ' first season at times veers into shallow territory, but Sophia Lillis' strong performance keeps it afloat.

Critic Consensus: While not quite there yet, a clearer sense of purpose and more defined characters push Altered Carbon 's sophomore season one step closer to the brilliance of its source material.

Critic Consensus: A weird and whimsical journey into the unknown, Dispatches from Elsewhere 's experimental approach doesn't always coalesce, but committed performances and a genuine sense of wonder make it a trip worth taking. Critic Consensus: Westworld succeeds in rebooting itself by broadening its scope beyond the titular amusement park while tightening its storytelling clarity -- although some may feel that the soul has been stripped from this machine in the process.

Critic Consensus: A hauntingly beautiful meditation on humanity, Devs ' slow unfurling may test some viewers patience, but fans of Alex Garland's singular talents will find much to chew on.

Critic Consensus: Though The Pale Horse bristles with brutal thrills, it's convoluted mystery at times sedates the suspenseful proceedings.

Critic Consensus: Home Before Dark 's central mystery is more intriguing than its mawkish writing lets on, but Brooklyn Prince's fiercely dedicated performance more than makes up for any narrative shortcomings. Critic Consensus: Briarpatch 's ambiance is at times more intriguing than the simmering mystery at its center, but a captivating Rosario Dawson and surreal setting ensure it's never less than watchable. Critic Consensus: Hillary faces the impossible task of consolidating a full life into four hours -- still, it serves as an insightful, often powerful exploration of Hillary Clinton's life and legacy.

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